CustomVIP - A module to handle custom VIP servers!


CustomVIP: Creating Private Servers from In-Game made easy!

The Idea

CustomVIP is a module which is used to create custom in-game VIP servers separate from the Roblox VIP servers, but more customizable by you, similar to AUT and ER:LC.

The Features

  • Generate a server from in-game with a assigned server owner.
  • Receive a code that works for anyone cross server to join the Private Server
Features To Be Added
  • Multiple pricing options per server!

How To Use

-- Use a Script, NOT a LocalScript
local customVIP = require(

customVIP.PromptPurchase(playerInstance) -- Prompts the player to purchase a VIP server (will automatically create a VIP server once purchase is complete)
customVIP.CreateServer(playerInstance) -- To create a VIP server manually, returns the server info such as the code!
customVIP.GetServerInfo(plr) -- Returns the player's private server info IF it exists
customVIP.TeleportToServer(plr,serverCode) -- Teleports the player to the private server if the code is valid

-- In order to change the settings, there is a file called Config inside the module.

Source Code

Roblox Model:
Source Code: CustomVIP -

Bugs And Concerns

If you found any bugs or have any questions, reply to this post!


Thank you this helps me out so much if by chance you make something with custom admin cmds like Slayers Unleashed please lmk I like how they have the commands that can restore past items and such.

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Why are you json encoding info about a fake server? DataStores are meant to store dictionaries and not just strings.

It’s just a method that I use whenever saving tables/dictionaries to datastores. (it has become a habit now lol)

Roblox is doing this stuff for you by default there’s no need for encoding it.


It’s surprising how little lines of code the actual module is, I expected at least 250 lines of code! The code looks pretty clean overall, but comments would make it a lot easier to read for newer developers, overall pretty nice, I might use it, very cool!

EDIT: I like how you made the configs module, you just returns a table instead of doing this:

local configs = {
    Validity = 30,
    ProductId = 1211909885,

return configs
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Do you know if there are better ones

Like any better open source private server codes to use like this one.

I’m not sure if there are better open source alternatives to this, there might be, but they probably have a lot more lines of code, causing confusion to new developers, so this might be the best one there is for the average developer. I’m pretty certain that the module works at least most of the time, because @TheBrainy06 wouldn’t have made this post have the #resources:community-resources category if it didn’t work.

Private/paid games don’t allow you to create VIP servers, so I’m assuming that’s why.

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so? If those games wanted free private servers, they would make them free. Not use a fake private server.

Hmm, It’s a pretty handy module for creating private servers for people to mess around inside.

Is there a way to get who’s the owner of the server to make commands work?

Is there anyway the owner of the game can join those private servers on his own if someone else is in there?

What is Validity and where do I put this script?

And how do I set it up so people can buy it?

Possibly by getting the player’s VIP server key yes.

The server data info that is returned has a owner value. You can use that to check if the joined player is the owner.

Validity is the amount of days the VIP server is valid for. The script above is the documentation for this module, that cannot be used to properly handle VIP servers

It’s a Custom Private Server, not a Fake Private Server. Though it won’t appear on the VIP Server List in the Roblox page.

There’s a lot of advantages it can give you:

  1. Adding people can be much easier, just pass on the code.
  2. You might be able to customize the cost of server differently for different players (Maybe 200 Robux for VIP but 299 for non VIP users)
  3. Or Maybe add different Server tiers which provide better benefits over the previous tiers

The features I mentioned, might not exist in this module yet but can be implemented with some time.

OP should probably mention the advantages or disadvantages between the roblox VIP servers and custom private servers.

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Cool module, unfortunately one of the main advantages of official VIP servers is the convenience of being able to join directly through a link.

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