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Hello, I’m trying to make a cut effect when you get hit you get a cut effect. When I mean a cut effect I mean something like this:

The issue is I want it to stay flat and not face the camera. How can I achieve this? The only solution I found is beams, but it wouldn’t look as good.
Thank you.

Set the particle emiter Orientation to Velocity Perpendicular (the last one in the list)

Velocity Parallel could work too, use the one you like the most

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Sorry for the late response, but after testing it had the same result. Even when I have the camera at an angle it faces the camera.

I suggest using #help-and-feedback:scripting-support for your topic.

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Okay mb I thought since it was particles it would be art not scripting.

Well you need scripting to have these particles to appear. As this is a hit/hum function I believe but not 100% sure if that makes sense or if I describe it right.

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I don’t work with effects much, but if it’s a particle emitter, try setting the ShapeStyle to surface (it stays parallel to the surface of the part)

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It was a good a nice, but it doesn’t work. I’ll just give the file maybe some others settings is the problem.
cuteffect.rbxm (4.7 KB)

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