Cute Cow Outfit Feedback

Just made this but not sure if I’m gonna post it, could I have some feedback?image


Clean up the lines more on the coat around the skirt area as it looks jagged, unless that is what you were going for.

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I thought it was really cool :smiley:


sorry for the english :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should make the shorts a bit more high-waisted. And add a bit more detail on the jacket.

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I agree with @ lexi above! I also would add more detailed shoes (look at some reference photos) and add more shadows/shade on the pants/top maybe add a necklace for more pizzazz :dizzy: Anyways nice outfit! <3

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It feels too much like cow pattern underwear and one of those dad night coats, maybe make the coat part a crop top with long sleeves and some cowboy fringe tassle things, also make the leg pattern unsymetrical and make the neckline just a little higher, aside from that I like it

Maybe adding a bit more detail on the shoes part will look good. Im not so great with female clothing so idk lol

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I recommend cleaning up the jacket. I looks kinda jagged and is a flat pattern. You should also blur the lines on the socks to make them look more detailed. For the cow sutff, I think you should shade them, and raise the bottoms higher. You put them only on the bottom part of the template, and usually skirts/jeans/shorts go to almost the middle of the top section.

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lmao yeah its trash now that i look at it

No no dont say that. And you will also definetley get better.