Cute(?) GFX art, woud love some feedback!


This is the very first GFX I’ve made, ft. me and my homestore.

I have a pretty strong background in digital art so I decided to do some paint-over edits on the render.

Nonetheless, I’m struggling with lighting and materials in Blender and I’d very much appreciate your help and feedback on how I can improve my work.

Thank you for viewing and have a nice day ^o^ !




Looks great!! personally for me the scenes a little too dark, but apart from that it’s great.


Looks amazing keep it up, stay consistent


I really like it! The colours are really nice and pretty good lighting in the right places to draw the viewer in. One thing that is really throwing me is this shadow line on the face.
Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 4.14.14 PM
It’s very sharp, and if it’s supposed to be a shadow from the hair, the hair isn’t straight at all - it as some curve. Because it’s so straight it almost looks like you’re doing a half and half (which I’m pretty sure isn’t what you’re trying to do). I personally think that the shadows on the face in the original image are better.
Keep up the fantastic work!


Thank you for the suggestion^o^ The harsh lines are from the watermark which I used the color dodge blending mode. I’ll work on a different watermark soon so it won’t look as confusing! <3


The foreground and everything on the left side of the image looks fantastic. The only thing I would suggest is brightening the window display so we can actually see the clothing.

Also I love painting over my own renders too! It’s more intuitive to me than trying to fiddle with blender to make it look exactly the way I want. Airbrushing is faster and using drawing tools just comes more naturally.


I really like this, but… there is 1 problem I have.

The lighting is a little too dark in some places, so I suggest you fix that! The window is also a little too dark and I can’t really see it.

Either way, the detail is amazing and I love the vibe. Keep it up! :+1:


Rllly nice but is the pink sign inside or outside if so is the head clear? to the top right

I like the one without the face. You still should give her some expression though. Maybe, adding eyes and eyebrows, but leaving out the mouth. As @FrankKitchener said its a bit dark near the clothes. You could add the affect of a light on the ground inside the shop or a spotlight outside of the shop. The shadows on the girl are weird. They are going two different ways. Think about where the sun is facing and draw the shadows that way. You could even find some photos of shadows from the stun at different angles to see how it would look. In the edited photo it looks like the face is too far down for me. That might be, because her eyes are closed. Other that those improvements it looks really good! Good luck and good job!


I really love this! It is really pretty and I love the colors and textures! I think you did a great job!

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It looks amazing for you’re first GFX! Personally what I’d do is, make it a bit brighter, maybe even add some colored lighting in the background that reflects onto your roblox avatar

Here’s what I mean:

By the way, this was my first GFX as well!

See how the light is reflecting from different directions? Maybe you could try something like that, lemme know if that helps you a bit!

It was inside. I had to mess around with the nodes for quite some time because many objects turned transparent when I imported into Blender. Should’ve figured it out sooner ^w^;;

That looks great!! I was struggling quite a bit with my lighting because it took some time to figure out the powe/size ratio so my first one ended up looking pretty dark ^n^’’ Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll try using more dynamic lighting!

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Looks good but the face… it doesn’t look right.

I really like the style over all. I agree with everyone who says maybe change the face. Also maybe add some clothing folds to the shirts and pants. Also maybe add some sort of sun rays.

Very nice! The detail with the render is great! I also love the lighting.

If I would give constructive feedback, I think the shadows on the characters face are a little… off. I’m also kind of confused with the “foil” like lighting on the wall.

Other than that, great job!

No not cute, first picture includes a slender man which is creepy, second one includes a woman who used too much plastic surgery.


I like how you say “make it a little brighter” even though yours is so much darker


In my GFX, it doesn’t need to be “brighter”, because it has colored lighting, and the design of it should be like that. But in her GFX, it would make sense for hers to be a bit brighter. :man_facepalming: But that’s just my opinion on it.

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I think the one without the face is better in my opinion. Other than that its really cute I can see you worked hard!

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