Cute gfx (didn't go well)


I like it but you should add something in the background or make it not just 1 colour and also for the drink you should try making it a actual object and not a 2d flat image in their hand and the legs and the other arm make it in a pose or something like separate the legs a bit and make it not all just stuck to the body.


Seems like you rigged it in R6 studio, Which is a big killer, also you could’ve used the starbucks coffee on roblox gears, and background is plain tbh.

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Quite simplistic design not much to give feedback on. I would perhaps remove the coffee cup art work off the design since that doesn’t fit at all in my opinion.

I’d say the design feels very rushed and feels like there was effort put into it if it doesn’t look well or you didn’t do a good job see what things you could improve on it there’s a bunch of suggestions you could think of. My suggestion would be to place a a background image or at least something that gives a name of the item the character is holding or perhaps characters in the background socializing.

I personally would go for a cartoon art theme, as it seems like it would fit that cup design your wanting or character drawing.

Try adding some poses to the character don’t have him handing a cup to no one in sight, include another character so it looks more improved and decent there’s different approaches to go about this i’ll take time and practice to find whatever suits your own liking. At the start quite basic and bland but could use more.

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I really like this aesthetic! it’s simple and cute!
I get that everyone has their own style but here are some of my notes
~some notes~
~ idk why but the perspective seems kinda off, might just be me, but I’d prefer if the camera was lower when you render it
~ the combination of a 3D GFX + a 2D drawing of a coffee cup kinda seems a bit weird
~ I love how you matched the art style of the coffee cup to the shirt
~ add more action to the pose! learn how to bend limbs and have the characters hands on its hips! have its legs in a more realistic pose! the possibilities are endless
~ experiment with the background! change the colour! add a gradient! have some custom art in it!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback.I will add a better background and more pose into the character