Cute ROBLOX Dolls

I saw a user, korbloxiian, that made ROBLOX like dolls and they’re really cool (not to mention cute).


Those are ADORABLE oh my gosh

Clickable hyperlink:

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Sort of wish this is a little bit how new avatars would look. Thinner torsos and bendy limbs and all

I found these to be creepy.


everyone else loves them lol

You seem to have the opposite opinion of a lot of things here lol.

all right let’s not make it personal

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People are different, not all of us share the same likes… But these are just creepy. Not saying their bad, just creepy.


this is something i would to give my kid if i wanted them to be a living horror movie


I think they’re creepy too, but I don’t like dolls, so I guess I have a preexisting bias.


Please note that I’m not discouraging the creation of said dolls, only that I personally do not like them - I can most certainly appreciate the work and talent needed to make them.

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You forgot something LOL \

I like some of them better than others. I think my favorite is the builderman / guest one.

Where can I get one? :smiley:


You made a mistake too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Maybe not creepy, but certainly weird.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t encourage groupthink.