CVRF 0.14 Update - Progress Report

Hello everyone! First off, I’d like to thank the community for allowing us to reach another milestone, 2000 members! It’s amazing to see so many people interested in JKR and in CVRF.

It’s been a while since the last CVRF update (3 months in fact). No, we’re not done with 0.14 just yet, but we’d like to give a status update on the progress we’ve made thus far. This is more of a list than a big media update like we’ve done in the past, but should still give you a hint at the progress we’ve made so far.

0.14 Progress Report

At this point, we have completed or are near finished with the following:

  • The internal functionality of the new tram system
  • The reactor-level and materials sector tram stations
  • A few new commands: watch, unwatch, warp, listwarps, rejoin, invisible, visible, gravity, sit, stand, choose, spawnjeep, and reloadjeeps
  • A bunch of fixes/quality of life improvements to the command system, block editor, and certain commands themselves
  • A purchasable RFID badge giving you a badge on your character’s torso and allowing manual, click-based doors to act as a automatic ones
  • In-game bug report functionality through the menu
  • Cursory/experimental work on the CVRF surface terrain and loading/unloading system (limited access in private servers for 0.14, only terrain at the moment)
  • A new music/speaker system for the cafeteria (to replace the dinky old tabletop radio)
  • Some significant behind-the-scenes internal cleanup

…and we’re currently working on or are planning to work on the following for 0.14:

  • Completion of the new CVRF tram system (the highlight feature of this update)
  • Replacement of ClickDetectors in many areas with new Proximity Prompts
  • New elevators around the facility and a new backend system to allow easy creation of others in the future
  • Finished new design for the Sector C restrooms
  • Updates to the waveform manipulation lab
  • Updates to the security checkpoint
  • Background music to occasionally break the silence
  • Full completion of the security department redesign Pushed to 0.14.1 to release this update sooner
    and potentially more! As always, Project Testers have 24/7 access to play in our development build and becoming a tester is as simple as joining our Discord server (check social links on the group page).

Development has been slowed by a few different factors, but things are still rolling along and we hope to have more to show fairly soon. Once again, thank you all for the opportunity to reach 2000 members. Here’s to many more milestones down the road!