Cyberpunk 2077 Death Screen

Something I created in early January, around the 6th. Today, I recreated the New Vegas intro with Redshift Arena characters, and had the death screen appear shortly afterwards.

The animation itself could use some work, but what is your guy’s opinion on the death screen? I’m extremely proud of it!!


I think you already know what I will tell you, but I really NEED to see smoother animations at some points (I’m refering to the death screen, not the animation since I think you just made it for showcase)

When the death screen appears, it just come out of nowhere, I think that the gradient should have at least a second of animation dropping down before the actual text appears.
At 0:10, 2 lines appear, they could use a dropdown animation too.

Everything else looks cool for me, amazing job.

I wish you an amazing birthday!

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The movements look stiff and sudden, Other than that you did a good job!

I agree with @DavidNet22 , infact everytime the character moves to a different position, its pretty static
Try making it a smooth animation to make it better.

I think it’s not smooth enough and looks bit, BIT unrealistic. However I see this as an illustration to improve it.