Cyberpunk 3D Render Breakdown/Tutorial

Hello Devforum!

Today I will be breaking down / explaining my newest roblox artwork! I will be breaking down everything so if you are wondering how I did something or trying to learn new techniques this is for you!

Blocking your scene will help you with your composition. It is a way to place stuff around your scene without having to deal with high poly objects. You can also choose to place your camera down and see where it would look best. Blocking gives you an idea of how you are going to set up your scene.

Importing and posing your characters sounds like an easy step but having realistic and believable poses can improve your artwork. Adding details to your characters such as bump maps and textures can also improve art quality (these can be done by finding pre-made textures or texturing them yourself in something like substance painter)

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Having a good environment is important when making renders. This is where most artist mess up when going for realism. Sometimes it’s good to model your own stuff while other times it’s okay to use models that are made for artists to use. There are many great websites where you could find great models to use for free! (turbosquid, free3d, and cgtrader)

Some may argue that lighting is the most important thing when working with 3d and that’s due to the fact how easily it can improve renders and bring a sense of realism into them. For the most parts, hdris work fine but when adding lights there are different ways you can achieve the proper lighting. You can use the regular lighting tools or light up your scene using bright objects with emissions shaders and in most programs, there is a way to disable the object from the camera while keeping the light it emitted there.

Editing is usually the final step when creating renders and this is a step that could break or make your render. Too much editing could ruin your render while having too little might make it look unfinished but during this step, this is when you can add effects and fixes that can improve your render.

That is the end of this breakdown let me know if I should create more with other renders!

If you want to see more of my work check out my twitter @Ryzen_Studios


Awesome tutorial, surely has helped a lot of people on 3D rendering.



I thought that it was more complicated. Great Tutorial!


Really great!

It’s SO detailed, thanks for the help.