Cyberpunk-like GFX!

I’m reaping the fruits of my labour. and made this new GFX to celebrate:

It’s my new Roblox outfit!
What do you guys think?


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The lighting and everything looks cool but the pose looks super awkward and weird. Good GFX if you fix the posing

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thank goodness, something original that isn’t just an HDRI with a plastic-ish render.

well done dude, keep it coming!

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The posing was meant to look like this:
But it was kinda hard since R6 limbs aren’t that long.
Also the hair might look odd because I put the mesh in edit mode to make it flow behind the player.
I also tried adding shading to the clothes to make them look 3d


It almost feels like some parts are over exposed by the lighting, the hair is being hit hard with some sort of light and this almost feels like they’re in a laser tag arena. Also, I cannot forgot the low quality background you might want to fix. The pose looks alright and lighting setup is pretty good.

Yeah, I was too lazy to enhance the background and I knew it’d come back for me.
True that some parts are overexposed.
But I can’t change anything. When I add a GFX to my gallery file, I don’t change it afterwards.
But what I can do is take all the advice for next time :smile:

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Finally, a GFX that’s original! Kinda looks like Sonic’s pose in Sonic Adventure. The feet not touching the ground hurts me. Other then that, looks good!

What does everyone mean by original???
BTW thanks for all the feedback all of you.

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