Cylinder and Block meshes deprecated?


Recently when I was designing a train, I noticed I couldn’t find Cylinder meshes in the search bar, I did some looking on the Wiki to find that they were depricated


Any reason for this?

BlockMesh is also depricated but I’ve never really found a use for it


It’s deprecated because you can just use a Cylinder-type part now. If I remember correctly, I think a big part of this was to simplify the render pipeline–or something like that. I assume the same is true for BlockMesh.


If you need the box-like collision box for a cylinder object for whatever reason, just use a Special Mesh instead. You can change it’s MeshType property to Enum.MeshType.Cylinder and get the same result as you would with a Cylinder Mesh.


Further discussion:


Not exactly the same result.

SpecialMeshes have a incorrect representation of the Y axis, resulting in the cylinder pointing left to right instead of up and down.


Neither of these are “correct” or “incorrect”, this is just an implementation choice. I don’t see how this would affect any use case.


Here is one

Whenever I’m building, in particular making a beveled edge, I flip between the two mesh types to get the cylinder that lines up correctly. It’s a pain to rotate and then scale the cylinder especially when working a more complex model.


lol, you just made the OCD me, cringe, while reading that XD


Block meshes had a TON of utility, because this was prior to Offset for SpecialMeshes working properly

You could give blocks a smaller hitbox but bigger appearance, and I needed a lot of the time for things like projectiles or special effects


I used BlockMesh’s offset abillity for ‘seemless’ sliding doors, only problem is that the hitbox doesn’t change