Cylinder Corner Filling

Im trying to get these 2 cylinders to meet up like in the 2nd image shown, a clean corner cut attachment,

what would be the easiest / best way to do it, ive tried resizealign plugin, but that only has a rounded corner type, and i dont want the corner to be rounded i want it sharp


In the 2nd image it looks as if they’re using a 3dmodel to achieve that.

You can however achieve this in studio with spheres but you won’t get that exact same result you’re looking for.

If the cylinders are at a 30 degree angle to each other (for example) then put a Negated Part that’s angled at 15 degrees (half of the 30 degree example) right at the join line point (Top picture, right side, where the inner corners meet and extend it beyond where the cylinder RH edge is).
Extend the Cylinder past the Negated Part, making sure that there’s no part of it extending out of the negated Part on the other side.
Union the Cylinder with the Negated Part. This will take care of the first cylinder. Do the same for the second one, but put the face that’s cutting the cylinder on the opposite side of the split line.
You’ll now have 2 matching cylinders with the ends cut at the 1/2 way angle.

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do you have time to make a video or a clip of what you are suggesting here, i appreciate the reply, just a little confusing in text :+1:

Use an online mesh or a model it in blender.

You could make a bunch of tiny cylinders and shove them together (wouldnt look the best)

Like this:

model.rbxm (3.6 KB)

As @Scottifly said you need to connect the cylinders so theres no gaps, create 2 negated parts that are rotated to the half of the angle cylinders are connected at (meaning if bottom cylinder is straight and top one is rotated at 30 degrees, the negated parts have to be rotated 15 degrees), then you have to put the negated parts in between the cylinders and union the bottom cylinder to the top negated part, and top cylider to bottom negated part like this:

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okay yeah, i tried this and i think its the best way / simplist way of doing it

thanks for all the replies

Here is an old plugin from 2017 that lets you connect spheres to each other to make a pipe. I would most likely use it for a showcase game because it could be really laggy otherwise. Especially the union method that the others are suggesting. This is probably the easiest and least time consuming way to do it, which is using a plugin.

I don’t think this plugin necessarily is better/worse than the union method in terms of lag, I don’t know what you’re making so I can’t tell you what would be the best way to go about building it*

The most efficient way that wont lag your games is to do it outside of Roblox on programs like Blender or Maya. It just might be more time consuming depending on what you’re making.

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