Cylinder meshes breaking

First off, sorry if this is posted in wrong topic. I am not on Regular level so I can’t post in #bug-reports

Alright, so this has been happening not in just my game, but in other games too. Started happening a few days ago. Every time I enter a car with the “Ownit” script, the cylinder meshes glitch out and break. Here is a example:
Looks normal, right? (not my model btw)

Well, this is the outcome if you enter the car. Meshes completely broken. Doesn’t look recognizable.

Same goes for the other cars next to it

I wonder if roblox did this on purpose, because now my game is ruined.

Are they Spheres with Cylinder Meshes in them?
If so then I think they’ve changed the way older CylinderMeshes are aligned compared to the newer ones.

Yes they are.
I guess what i said is true: new roblox updates make the platform worse

But it should only affect the Mesh itself, the wheels should rotate fine and only look like they are spinning around the wrong axis.

Is it only in the one car?
Are there any scripts involved?
Have you used any new plugins or free models?
The other cars don’t seem affected. Do they have CylinderMeshes?

  1. No, it isnt. It happens to other vehicles in other games. (like mano county)
  2. No.
  3. No, I havent. But I have used some free models, which I cleared all the virus on them.
  4. Yes (the cars next to it). But if your talking about the cars I made which is in the background, then no.