Cypress Studio - Swordsmen Simulator

About Us

Hey! Welcome to Cypress Studios and we are a group that is going to provide the best and most enjoyable games for all people! We’re looking forward on working on Swordsmen Simulator

The Team
@tiedly - Project Manage
@couldbeyou - Scripter
@couldbeyou- Map Designer
@couldbeyou - Modeler
@RBLXpsyfor - Animator

About The Job

Cypress Studio is working on a simulator that all sorts of people can enjoy, but what we need in order to make this game are the developers listed on top. We plan on picking the best developer we can possibly to find to create the best possible game! We need around 3-4 maps, could be changed, a long-term scripter, and a modeler!


We do plan on paying a certain amount per asset but that can not be decided until we find the developers that are needed, be aware we are looking for the best possible developers we can use for this project! We also use any sort of payment, although we’d rather prefer percentage.

Contact Us

Interested and want to contact us? Simple, add my discord, Flamixity#4861 (if this doesn’t work, it’s most likely my nitro has run out by the time you have added me), make sure to comment your discord username + tag below so I’m aware who is who.

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I’m interested Just, sent you a discord friend request.

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Awesome, I’ll add you right now.

Hello, I’m interested in the role of a builder. Your Discord doesn’t work so I’ll drop my own here Spekul#9813

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Sent, sorry about that, I missed the last 7 for my tag.

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your tag?

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