Czech Translation is not done


There’s a lot of not translated text. So I gather photos and made translations. I hope It will help.

Privacy Policy = Zásady ochrany osobních údajů
Forum Rules = Pravidla Fóra
Solutions = Řešení
Filled out profile information = Vyplněné informace na profilu
Read the communit guidelines = Přečtěte si pokyny pro komunitu
Timezone = Časové pásmo
Use Current Timezone = Použít aktuální časové pásmo
Featured Topic = Uvedené téma
Select a New Topic = Vyber nové téma
A link to this topic will be on your user card, and profile. = Odkaz na toto téma bude na vaší uživatelské kartě a profilu.
When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies. = Když to zde nenavštívím, tak mi pošlete email s přehledem populárních témat a odpovědí.
Follow = Sledovat
Notify me when users follow me. = Informujte mě, když mě uživatelé budou sledovat.
Notify users when I follow them. = Informujte uživatele, když je budu sledovat.
Notify me when someone I follow replies. = Informujte mě, když někdo koho sleduji odpoví.
Notify me when someone I follow posts. = Informujte mě, když někdo koho sleduji přispěje.
Dark = Tmavý
Light = Světlý
Default = Základní
Graceful = Elegantní
Grey amber = Šedá a jantarová
Text Size = Velikost písma
Smallest = Nejmenší
Smaller = Menší
Larger = Větší
Largest = Největší
Enable defer to mark topics unread. = Povolit odložení k označení nepřečtených témat.
Show counts on browser icon. = Ukaž počet na ikoně vyhledávače.
Backround page title displays count of: = Název na pozadí stránky ukazuje počet:
New Notifications = Nové notifikace
New Page Content = Nový obsah stránky
Skip new user onboarding tips and badges. = Přeskoč tipy a odznaky pro nové uživatele.

This took me 2 hours and I was on mobile. I hope you will use It. :slight_smile:.


This forum uses a software called Discourse, and all the translations are from Discourse. You can suggest translations using the translator portal

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Well, I didn’t know that. But I think Roblox can do that.

That would likely involve forking Discourse which from an engineer’s perspective would be a big pain to actively maintain. If you use the translator portal all Discourse fora will be able to benefit from the new translations :slight_smile:

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Well, Roblox can suggest It to them plus making universal translation for Czech? Impossible.

You didn’t understand, I am saying Roblox didn’t make the Discourse forum software and most bugs and whatnot are due to Discourse and not Roblox. I am saying this is just a lack of translation from Discourse’s end and Roblox couldn’t really do anything about it that would be feasible to do.

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I know. I understand. But Roblox can foward this to them.

Why don’t you do it :slight_smile:

As a native Spanish speaker I use the translator portal to contribute to the Spanish translations all the time.


With Czech It is not that easy. We got huge grammar, rules, vocabulary and other stuff. So maintain Czech tranalation is best to hire someone speaking in Czech. Because only one word can change meaning or If you write It wrong then other wrongs can be wrong too.

it is absolutely voluntary to contribute to translations. I haven’t done any in a while but I would sit for about 10 minutes or so a few times. I am saying you have an opportunity to help out.


Yes, I understand, but with Czech It is impossible. If you will try to make universal one then you will found out that in practice It will be horrible.

But only If you use It for sentences. For words It could work, but sometimes It will be wrong.

How do you know it is impossible? I contribute to the Discourse forum with Polish translations and Polish is more difficult than Czech.

I don’t think so. Our languages are similar to each other, but we got:

Types of main sentences
Types of subordinate clauses
Enumerated words

And loads of other stuff. And to write everything right through program? There will be always mistakes.

If you know the Czech language it won’t be hard? You aren’t required to translate the entire forum, it is usually string by string.


One word is changing another word in Czech. They are timing each other or inflecting each other.

They’re only similar with how you pronounce things. Other than that, Czech and Polish are basically two different worlds. Still… This doesn’t change the fact that you should at least try to contribute to the translations through the translator portal linked by incapaz


Changing meaning or how It will be written.
(I don’t want at all dusrespect any other language.)

I will try, but even proffesors, teachers will tell you that programs that we have today won’t be able to handle Czech right. So you still gotta use What you have learned.

But I understand you. Contributing on that portal can help little bit. But manual maintaince will be always needed, until we will have enough inteligent PCs, Smartphones. And that doesn’t mean other languages don’t have this issue.