D-Devs: Snippets [PLUGIN]

Keeping it short and simple,

Plugin File:
TestPlugin.rbxmx (305.6 KB)

To Download:
to download this plugin click the file open studio → any game → Plugins → Tools → Plugins Folder move this file in that folder and restart roblox!

And a word by me:
I made this plugins because Many snippets plugin was just not that good (only some paid one)
this is also my first plugin so go easy on me alr

click “Tab” to enable the snippet
I forgot to tell this :v
why Tab? I am new to making plugins so Idk if we can use normal “Enter” to run the snippet
the tab basically adds the space which runs as an execute
for eg:

//cmd: arg1, arg2" "
the space in the " is the space for execution

(sorry I suck at explaining)


So your just gonna give this incredible plugin for free without taking anything?

This is actually really cool. I would suggest publishing this to roblox though so that it’s more convinient to get this plugin. Good work!!

I understand your pain when you want a plugin and it’s locked behind the new Roblox paid plugin needing real money

and I will publish it on Roblox but before that I need to find some errors and fix them
If you find any errors, let me know :+1:

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Yessss finally someone who understands the pure terror of everything being locked behind a stupid paywall, I get it, you want to make money but that literally ruins the entire purpose of the thing being HELPFUL to the community, rather, just a burden and a taunt.

I sure will!

Do they give you the money in robux or in real life money?

Are you stuttering in the title?
Or is that the name?

Nah with all due respect the name used for this plugin is normal without any stuttering signs like we normally use

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