D20 Developer Logs

Current version, Place Version 6 ; vA1.4

  • Badges tested and added to game.

Previous versions

Place Version 5
  • Badges added to PlayerServer.
Place Version 4
  • Administrators added.
Place Version 3
  • Group transfer completed.
Place Version 2
  • Fixed Donate in MenuController.
  • Changed Supporter BadgeID.
  • Fixed donateIDs & DonateIDs.
  • Created seven Developer Products. (MONETIZATION)
  • Skin Scavenger & Hat Hoarder are now unobtainable due to group transfer.
  • Fixed BS:AwardBadge() not awarding to player.
  • Multiple badges created.
  • player:AwardBadge() deprecated.
  • Started to test BadgeService
  • Made some commands creator only.
  • Made more Discord Webhook logs.
  • Reversed CMDR update.
  • Donate feature finished.
  • D20 Administrator actions logs finished. (Via. Discord Webhook & Lewis_Schumer’s Proxy)
  • Badges created under the experience, D20.


The original D20 has been uncopylocked, which gives us the right to use the assets without conflict.
And we have gotten permission from Elidile to use and advertise the games/assets.
We are aware of Tootypatrooty, and we don’t expect them to be a problem as the community is pretty nice.

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