Daily Obby Generation System

I’m currently making a game where a different obby spawns everyday across all servers. However, I am completely lost when coming to the round generation system. I know that I have to use os.time() or os.date() in some way or another but I can’t get my head around the logic of the system.

Any idea or feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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Not sure if it fits your idea, but i might have something:

os.date("%a") gives you the full name of the day, so you could do something daily with that.
Here’s a script idea, so tell me what you think!

local oldTime = os.date("%a")
while wait(60) do
	if os.date("%a") ~= oldTime then
		--replace the obby
    oldTime = os.date("%a")

It checks if the day has changed every minute, so that when it does, the script knows a day has passed.

Please tell me what you think, and have a good day!