DaKrazyK's Scripting Portfolio

Hello I am a Roblox scripter, I would personally consider myself to have a medium amount of Luau programming abilities, but I prefer to do simpler projects as it is a nice break from some of the more complex projects I try to make. I have been programming on Roblox for over two years now, and am doing commissions. As of right now I am only accepting shorter projects.

Level and rebirth system

Level showcase - YouTube

Melee weapon

Melee showcase - YouTube

Chat commands

Chat command showcase - YouTube

The examples are also up here
I will add more examples of my work soon.

My time zone is Mountain standard time and I am usually available from 8:00pm-1:00am, however my schedule may vary. I’ll try to reply to messages as quickly as possible, but please understand if I take a while to respond.

I am very flexible with payment and will accept any reasonable offer. I only accept Robux as of right now. Prices can be discussed before or after I am finished and I will take payment after I am done the script(s).

You can contact me through the DevForum or Discord my username is DaKrazyK#8627. I prefer to be contacted through Discord though(I don’t check devforum as often).

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