Danger Plont Animation

These animations r kinda very old but still, it’s not bad to ask what improvements should be made


Note I blame gyazo for not liking 60 fps at all


I feel like it was for one going a bit too fast. Maybe slow it down and create more of a less linear movement. When I think of a “living danger plant” or the idea you’re going for I think of slower movements and more of a living feel to it instead of straight linear. Maybe add more to the movement, perhaps a startup on the snap instead of leading straight to it.

Hope this helps, it is a very good animations just some things that might make it better.

I think its great, the rapid movement of it makes sense like how a venus flytrap would catch something out of the air, way to make things realistic good job

i was thinking about it at first but i wasnt rlly bothered making it super clean and stuff
also using ik constraint for it because ik constraint is wack

but thx for the tip ill note it to myself