Dangerous Dimensions Tutorial

Dangerous Dimensions is an RPG. Basically, the concept is to defeat monsters and get levels from doing so. The more levels you have, you can unlock different worlds with new enemies.

Here are what the buttons on the side of your screen do:

Rank - This is basically what level you are. The higher your rank, the more worlds you can unlock.
EXP Bar - This shows how close you are to achieving a new rank.
Defense - How much damage will be deducted from an enemies base damage.
Arrows - How much more ammo you have left for using a bow.
Mana - How much ammo you have left for casting spells.
Armor - Click on it to see what armors you have and can equip.
Stat Points - Click on it to spend your stat points. You get one per level.
Quests - Check and track current quests you have.
Life - Your total amount of HP. If it reaches zero, you die.

Here are what the different abilities you can spend your stat points on do:

Vitality - For every stat point spent in vitality, your HP is increased by 25.

Mana - For every stat point spent in mana, your mana cap is increased by 50.

Haste - For every stat point spent in haste, your walk-speed is slightly increased.

Power - For every stat point spent in power, your chance at getting higher attack damage when using a weapon is increased. Basically, if a weapon has 5-8 damage, and you have a lot of power, you will have a higher chance at dealing 8 damage instead of 5.

Hopefully this tutorial helps you out. Have fun adventuring!

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