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This page will no longer be updated. This page is outdated.
:star: Dani’s TT Dances | DTD brings over 250 emotes from the top social media and gaming platforms. Try unique and up-to-date trendy dances with some of your friends!

:gem: Purchasing Roblox Premium or Dani’s VIP gives exclusive access to emotes!

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Please read the following information below before playing.
Playing Dani’s TT Dances | DTD means you agree and accept to following stated below.

Roblox Guidelines
When playing Dani’s TT Dances | DTD, you automatically agree to Roblox Terms of Use, Roblox Community Standards, and General Health Notice.
Breaking any of the following can lead to the correct actions being taken.

Dani’s TT Dances | DTD In-game Guidelines
– Respecting all members is a must. Please remember to be kind to the other members in-game.
– ‘Common Sense’ rules apply here, just be kind.
– Mass spamming is not allowed.
– Self promotion is not allowed.
– Abusing commands given from Dani’s VIP or DXNV ROBLOX Group is not allowed.
–Exploiting is not allowed, this includes injecting scripts/assets/contents, giving yourself in-game benefits in a unsupported way or bypassed method, or any form of so is not allowed.
– If you find a bug in-game, please report it in our communication sever (linked to Dani’s TT Dances | DTD or DXNV ROBLOX Group), please do not abuse any bugs to your own benefit.
Please note, these rules may change. Staff has every right to punish you (as long as it’s reasonable), if you feel the given punishment is not fair, please create a ticket in our communication sever (linked to Dani’s TT Dances | DTD or DXNV ROBLOX Group) regarding the issue.

Asset/Content Ownership Notice
All content in Dani’s TT Dances | DTD is by all means owned by DXNV / Dani’s TT Dances and is the property of so, unless is public or directly stated as exempt. Therefore meaning the usage of our in-game assets are strictly denied and cannot be used outside of DXNV / Dani’s TT Dances, unless specifically given access. Officially stated by ROBLOX DMCA Guidlines, " The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) allows copyright holders or their agents to notify Roblox about material they believe infringes upon their copyrights and ask Roblox to remove it." If caught stealing, copying, or any form of maliciously using any assets/contents within our game, actions will be taken.

Usage of In-Game Assets/Contents
While we try to keep a ‘clean record’, sometimes we mess up. If you feel an asset/content of yours is being used in-game without your permission, please join the community server linked to Dani’s TT Dances | DTD or DXNV ROBLOX Group and create a ticket regarding the issue.

We respect our team, affiliates, contributors, and our collaborators; thank you for your help.

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