D.A.R.C Member Hall Changelog

Hey there members!.. This changelog will show you everything that got updated in the member hall, from new monuments, better lightning to newly displayed members :grin:
Join the D.A.R.C Corporation now! :star_struck:
D.A.R.C Group

-Removed DisintegratingHalo, (since she left the group)
-Gave the admins a seperate stand
-Placed every role in a more specific order
-The stands are now more spread out
-Updated ALOT of avatars
-Added atmosphere
-Added a blue tinted ColorCorrection


Member Related Updates:
-Updated some avatars
-Added an extra set of stands: "Council"
-Changed drrffw2s stand from “Co-Executive” to "Council"
-Changed mgl0619s stand from “Secuirity” to "Head Of Secuirity"
-Changed 305_empires stand from “Head Of Secuirity” to "Head Of Defence"
-Added JOHANMCCARTHY10s stand as "Co-Executive"
-Added charliebirdogradys stand as "Council"

Decorative Related Updates
-Added colored lighting above every members head according to their rank
-Added a night/day cycle system
-Added a giant spinning chrome ball with D.A.R.C symbols around it, to symbolise our group
-Got rid of every bit of Z-fighting (if you don’t know what Z-fighting means,here’s basically a post about it: MeshPart Z-Fighting)
-Added some background decorations
-Added pedistals with D.A.R.C related monuments
-Press shift to run
-There now plays a sounds whenever you spawn in-game


Halloween Update
-The Spawnball has been replaced by a spooky pumpkin :smiling_imp:
-The background has been replaced with a hell background
-The entire memberhall is now covered in a red fog
-“This is halloween” will now be playing as background music
-Some more halloween decoration
Bug Fixes
-Fixed the Official Darc Statue’s scripts from having 2 different distances in it.


Suprise update!
-There now is a brand new hallway showing all the ranks there are in the D.A.R.C Coorporation;
-In the hallway there are also symbols for these ranks so you can understand better how this group works.


Christmas Update
-New custom-made christmaslighting :star_struck:
-A new christmas tree on one of the chrome pedistals :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:
-Jolly christmas music :hugs:
-New snowy background with a white atmosphere
Avatar and rank updates
-Added a new set of stands for the staff statues
-Moved out a couple of stand sets so there is more space