Dark textures and stuttering animation

I’m trying to make this equip animation work but it has some sort of stuttering before the equip is played. It’s not the holster as I have removed the script for it and tested and it still happens. It also happens with the view model animations.

I’ve already tried lowering the idle priority but that didn’t do anything.

The other problem is the textures appear very dark, it happened while animating and happens now when the gun is being used. They appear normal if the tools is on the floor.

Any help is really appreciated, thank you. :smile:

Check this link: Animation Editor | Roblox Creator Documentation and check the Animation Easing section with the Easing Style descriptions below it.
It looks like you have your keyframes snapping pretty quickly when the players right arm bends, you may want to try moving those keyframes apart a bit and Easing them differently.

Check the animation again, did you delay the start? Because even if it has the slightest delay the tool will stay locked to the torso

The start isn’t delayed at all

I looked at the video again and realized that when you play your animation you instantly snap the gun to the player’s right hand, then it raises up with the arm.
Maybe delay that until the hand is closer to where the gun is placed on the chest, then equip it, or modify the animation so that the hand comes up to where the gun is welded to the player, then equip it.

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Unfortunately I don’t really have the knowledge to do that but I think you’re right. Thanks for the help :smile: