Dark_Variable - Elite Builder (My models start from just 50 R$s!)

About Me

Hello, I am Dark_Variable. I have been developing on ROBLOX for 7 years (Since 2013) and I sell top-quality models for developers who are in need of special game assets.


WIP Ultra-Realistic Spruce Tree

Gothic Castle Front View

Sci-Fi Corridor

Realistic Couch & Table

Contact me & attend my auctions!

As I am not a developer for hire, I prefer selling my models to someone willing to buy it. You will be able to attend my sales in this group if you’re interested in buying my stuff: ~The Auction Club~ - Roblox

My Discord: DarkVariable#0478


Interested! You’re work is very good and it’s pretty amazing on how your starting price is only 50 robux! My discord is papi#8281. Looking forward to talking with you :wink:

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Hi! I’m looking for a great builder (like you) who can build a sci-fi lobby with detail. My Discord is @DerpyMcDerpell#7788. Let’s talk some more!

More info: [CLOSED] Looking for a Sci-Fi Lobby Builder (Short-Term)