Data not saving with DS2

So i’m trying to code something that will save the players data when they collect a coin. However I can’t for the life of me figure out what to set PlayerData to. Any help is appreciated.

Here’s the function in the module script:

function data.CoinGot(player, coin)
	local Datastore = DataStore2("PlayerData3", player)
	local PlayerData = Datastore:Get(???)

	PlayerData.Coins = PlayerData.Coins + coinvalues[coin]


PlayerData.playerd.Coins is where the coin data is stored. It is located in another function, data.LoadData(player).


This is dependent on how you first set up a players data in OnPlayerAdded (assuming you did that), Based on your code, it appears that your data is based as a table so use this:

local PlayerData = Datastore:Get({})

If it turns out you do not setup data on PlayerAdded then player data may be nil or an empty table, in which case you should initialize .Coins by doing

PlayerData.Coins = 0 


--or similar initializing

I just now read this


so you will need to add the .playerd. before accessing .Coins

Datastore 2 is harder to code(thats why it is better

Datastore is eaiser to code

I did infact get the players data ready when they join. I just can’t seem to figure out the correct path to save the data. The data is saved in a table aswell. I’m currently not on my computer however so I can’t test other ways to save it or test code sent.