Data sent through a webhook works in studio, but not in game

I made a system with HttpService that sends data automatically through a Discord webhook after a certain amount of time has passed or when the server closes. (The data is proxied through my own proxy)

(The data I’m trying to send is a pretty big amount)
Everything works in studio correctly, but when I go in game nothing comes through. I even tested a smaller amount of data and everything went through in game and in studio.

I have looked at Discord’s docs about the webhook limits and I don’t seem to be hitting any limits, but at the same time how it could work in studio fine, but not work in game?

It seems that Roblox has some sort of limit in game for the HttpService, but not in studio, because nothing ever even reached the proxy when I tested it in game.

Some questions:

  • Does someone know what this limit is in game?
  • Is there a way to compress data using the HttpService or any other service in Roblox?

Discord blocks roblox requests so you will have to use a proxy.

I’m already using one and I have successfully received data through the webhook in game using my proxy.

Well, first of all, there should be an error. Maybe you could share it.

There are no errors in output in studio, also there are no errors in my proxy’s output.

Yeah but are there errors in the Server console while you are in a production server?

Do you mean like in game? If so, there are also no errors in game.

I decided to remake the whole system and it works now, anyways thanks for help!

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