Data Store Question

Hey! I just have a question about data store. If someone joins, and their data was not retrieved successfully, and are kicked immediately, will default data be stored, or will it not store their data? The script is intended to save data upon a player leaving the game.

This all depends on how you implement it. Datastores don’t handle player data loading/saving themselves. This is a framework that you build on top of datastores yourself. If you don’t make any datastore calls, nothing will be saved/loaded.

Kicking a player will trigger PlayerRemoving, if that is the question instead.


If a players data fails to load and your game sets the players data as the default then the default data will most likely be saved, instead of their actual data. You should implement all kinds of checks for things like this happening because, often, when someone experiences data loss, unless you have backups, there is no way for them to get it back,

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