Data store script causes Place to fail to publish

I created a data store script for some boolean values, but since I made this script, the place fails to publish.
It takes time for it to publish when I click publish, and then it says Place failed to publish, I saved it in my computer.
I did not find anything related, is the data store making the place too big? Because when I disabled the script it published normally.
The only thing I did was to save a table of booleans and then load them.
Thanks for everyone who responds :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I tried to publish again after I enabled it again, and it works fine, is it a bug in Roblox studio/ in my computer?

Possibly a bug, or more likely than not i’d assume it’s a simple latency issue seeing how now its working.

Also if the issue no longer persists and doesn’t seem to be a bug, it would probably be best to mark a solution and close the thread.

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