Data Viewer Ultra PLUGIN


This plugin is outdated
I don’t recommend using Data Viewer ULTRA, it’s outdated. Use the new, faster version with much better features and User Interface.

New version: Free Datastore Editor plugin! [15K installs] [OPEN-SOURCE]

Anyways, if you still want to use Data Viewer ULTRA, here you go:
Hello There!

So, I have maked Data Viewer Ultra based on Crazyman32’s Data Editor plugin.

Good Features:

  • Tables in table support!
  • No place id needed.
  • You can see multiple keys at once!
  • Very fast.
  • Able to delete keys!
  • Able to create new keys manually!
  • User-friendly minimalistic interface!
  • Built-in UserName to UserId ‘converter’!
  • Can create variables to tables manually!
  • ‘Recents’!

Known Bad Features:

  • Not using widgets.

There are some videos, how to use this plugin(no commentary)!

Create a simple key:
Create a key with a player’s id:
Delete a key:
Create a table:
Create a table in a table:
Add variables to tables:
How to use the ‘Recents’:

Of course, the plugin can handle tables as well!


Good luck with using it! Tell your problems and issues in replies!

Link to the plugin: [OUTDATED] DataViewerUltra - Roblox


What’s the point of this? Crazyman32’s data editor plugin has more features, can do all this, do it way more elegantly, its user friendlier and it’s made by Crazyman32 so it’s very sturdy and bug free. Am I missing something?

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If somebody can’t use Crazyman32’s plugin, then he/she can try to use my plugin. And I can’t understand Crazyman32’s plugin, so I make one for myself. Btw I wanna challenge my self, making a DataStore Editor plugin. And, I decided to share what I created. So, the point of this plugin: A free alternative of Crazyman32’s DataStore Editor.


Crazyman32’s plugin isn’t free. 15 Robux is nothing, but many don’t have access to payment options or just don’t want to get/use them.


Ah I had no idea. I got it from when it was free. My bad



I especially like the username - userid converter!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: !

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Hey there!

The ‘Recent’ update released!

It adds recent modified keys, wich are saved in a datastore!

That’s it, bye!

Its 150, not 15. If it was 15, god I would buy it.

It doesn’t seem like visualizing tables work? You should use HttpService:JsonEncode() to make it visualized, and use HttpService:JsonDecode() to make it a table…

It was probably 15 robux when I posted that. 150 robux is kinda high for a plugin that does something achievable through a fairly short script, especially given how Studio’s output prints table contents now.

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This is a nice plugin! I think it would help a lot of people view their data.


I’m confused maybe it’s another plugin? I never saw that plug-in as 15 robux. And I did check that before you posted… Do you have the link for the plugin?

I don’t know. I just opened the toolbox and searched for it. It was by him and costed 15 robux.

Hm… I don’t believe you? But sure.

Something is wrong then. Crazyman’s plugin costs 150 Robux.

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Either he changed the price or it was a bug since paid plugins were a new feature. Either ways, this is getting off topic.

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