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=> :wave: Introduction

Datalink is a platform providing a series of applications which provide critical information regarding the state, health and mobility of your Roblox experiences.

Unlike traditional experience analytics, Datalink strives to provide feedback on not just your player base, experience economics and so forth, but also integrates the usage of other extensible services to make your life as a developer easier.

It can be set up simply by installing and instantiating the SDK.

=> :feather: Features

  • Experience State

    • State is defined by the contextual agreement surrounding a servers ability to perform, allow users to join, remove and update datastores.
    • For example, The State field could include:
      • Servers Per Hour, Day, Month, Annum
  • Experience Health

    • Health is defined by how much CPU, Memory, Processing Time is being consumed by the server.
    • Additionally, we can look further and provide feedback regarding player crashing rates, reproduction steps on how these players might of crashed and potential fixes if any are common.
  • Analytics

    • Analytics includes all kinds of information regarding the places inside of your Roblox Experience.
    • Custom Developer Events will also be counted under this field, as we are unable to process specifics in your events.
  • Integration and Management

    • Some other examples of what we’re planning to ship datalink including are:
      • Fast/Feature Flags
      • DataStore, MemoryStore & MessagingService wrappers
      • Experience Event Controllers
      • Realtime information flow

We’re still yet and looking into providing so much more which will help improve the scalability of your experience!

=> :dollar: Pricing

Datalink is intended to be a service that will be free, forever. A base free tier is included for all users, however in order to access certain features, a subscription to a particular tier is required. The following are the tiers available and the features they include:

Tier Pricing Features
Free $0/month - Event Controllers
- Realtime Analytics
- One experience
- Experience State and Health reporting
Pro $10/month - Event Controllers
- Realtime Analytics
- Experience State and Health reporting
- Fast Flags
- Priority Queue
- Up to five experiences
Premium $15/month - Event Controllers
- Realtime Analytics
- Experience State and Health reporting
- Fast Flags
- Priority Queue
- Up to ten experiences
- DataStore, MemoryStore & MessagingService wrappers
Ultimate $20/month - Event Controllers
- Realtime Analytics
- Experience State and Health reporting
- Fast Flags
- Priority Queue
- Infinite experiences
- DataStore, MemoryStore & MessagingService wrappers
- Managed custom instances

=> :mag: Getting Started

Datalink is currently under development and is expected to release in late 2023. In order to get early access, sign up for the waitlist. For documentation and queries regarding the SDK, read the docs.

If you’d like to find out more about datalink chat with us over at the Discord!


How would Datalink improve a game from just collecting server analytics? If a server performances well then what is there to improve.

I understand that this can be used to help solve crashes and perhaps optimize network traffic but what are the main use cases for a application like this?

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Datalink is intended to provide an insight into how your experiences perform - for example, using the analytics interface for datalink, one can review the average retention time for a player session and draw inferences from it in order to improve a particular game mechanic.

On top of this, a developer can also peer into the technicals of server health, crash management, etc.