Dataloss with profile service?

Basically, users in my game are getting stuck on loading because their session isn’t being released, and it randomly popped up. I’m assuming it’s the new DataStore limits but I’m not sure. We get console spamming with datastore saving, but request being dropped. Any ideas?

You didn’t set it up correctly.

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We found out we just exceeded the data stores limit; we have a bunch of datastores running and the bug is fixed now that we have increased the wait time between the datastores we use.

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Are you using ProfileService correctly? Because you don’t need to increase the wait time between editing Data as ProfileService saves that for you.

Or are you accessing DataStores without ProfileService and were hitting the limit there?

Issue is back again. We access a few datastores but those only save every 10 minutes. Some save every 4 minutes, but thats the leaderboard ones. After some math, there’s no chance we exceed any sort of limits, yet our console is spammed with requests dropped when profileservice is trying to save, and they can’t load into other sessions due to being session locked by profileservice.

Have you tried handling everything in your game using ProfileService and seeing if that fixes the issue for you?

No, however, the game worked fine for months and the bug randomly happened when roblox changed datastore limits.

You could try opening a bug report then, however, it’s still possible that there was some small oversight in the code that is causing this. I recommend checking every script that uses DataStores.

Alright, thanks. I’ll look into this more before opening a bug report.