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Empowers developers to take full control of their datastores

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Around half a year ago now I got intrested in the Roblox Open Cloud, specifically the use of datastores. Ever since then I’ve been devleoping DataMate which was mostly a project for myself. But at the start of this year I decided I would try to make it more useful to all developers. So here it is!


With DataMate you have access to the following features for your datastores:

  • List DataStores
  • List Entries
  • Get Entry
  • Set Entry
  • Delete Entry
  • Increment Entry
  • Edit Entry
  • Export Entries as (XLXS, JSON, SQL)

Still not 100% sure what it is? Think of it as a web based version of the DataStore Editor plugin with more features.

Getting Started

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BulkBrains DataMate ToolBox

I hope you find DataMate helpful.
Please let me know of any issues or suggestions.

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Is there any documentation for this? Visiting the website simply shows me the products and pressing “Get Started” just sends me back to the Toolbox page.

You must be logged in to sign up. If you get redirected to the toolbox page just click “Get Started” again and you will be asked to sign up. The account is required to store the universe id and api key.

Ah I see now. However, I still am curious what the point of this is when we have other services like plugins for example that let you manage datastores without having to leave studio…

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The DataMate UI I found to be much easier and intuitive to use compared to studio plugins. Also DataMate has the pro option of being able to export you datastore as an xlxs, json or sql file.

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DataMate is now fully responsive with mobile devices. This is another great advantage of DataMate over Roblox Studio Plugins. You can manage your DataStores from anywhere!