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Around half a year ago now I got intrested in the Roblox Open Cloud, specifically the use of datastores. Ever since then I’ve been devleoping DataMate which was mostly a project for myself. But at the start of this year I decided I would try to make it more useful to all developers. So here it is!


With DataMate you have access to the following features for your datastores:

  • List DataStores
  • List Entries
  • Get Entry
  • Set Entry
  • Delete Entry
  • Increment Entry
  • Edit Entry
  • Export Entries as (XLXS, JSON, SQL)

Still not 100% sure what it is? Think of it as a web based version of the DataStore Editor plugin with more features.

Getting Started

BulkBrains IP Address (For Security):

BulkBrains DataMate ToolBox

I hope you find DataMate helpful.
Please let me know of any issues or suggestions.

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Is there any documentation for this? Visiting the website simply shows me the products and pressing “Get Started” just sends me back to the Toolbox page.

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You must be logged in to sign up. If you get redirected to the toolbox page just click “Get Started” again and you will be asked to sign up. The account is required to store the universe id and api key.

Ah I see now. However, I still am curious what the point of this is when we have other services like plugins for example that let you manage datastores without having to leave studio…

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The DataMate UI I found to be much easier and intuitive to use compared to studio plugins. Also DataMate has the pro option of being able to export you datastore as an xlxs, json or sql file.


DataMate is now fully responsive with mobile devices. This is another great advantage of DataMate over Roblox Studio Plugins. You can manage your DataStores from anywhere!

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Hey there, im trying to setup my game with Datamate but i keep getting stuck on: " 502 Bad Gateway


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Thanks for letting me know. This issue as been resolved now.

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I’m repeatedly getting 403.
Even after authorizing the server.

Sorry, what page is this on? Is this while adding a new Roblox project? If so this is likely due to the the API Key not matching the universe id as our servers have not encountered any errors.

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I was adding my Roblox datastore project and it seemed to always return 403(unauthorized) I fixed this by waiting 10-20 minutes for Roblox to update the IP Whitelist.

But now when adding my project I’m just redirected to the add project screen with no error.

And the project never gets added.

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Is there any chance you could send me a video/screenshot of the issue. Since there are still no errors being logged on the server side. Thanks

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Update: I got it linked but when selecting my project on datamate it seems to load for ever I’ve been waiting 12 minutes for my datastore to load.

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The way in which Roblox send us the datastores via api, could be the reason for this. It requires us to send a new request to Roblox for almost every key in the datastore. If your datastores are huge this could be an issue. Otherwise I would just recommend to reload the datastore as I have noticed issues where the datastores don’t load first time. I’m still looking into this issue as it’s not logging any errors.

Our datastore is massive,
With over 10-20k entries.

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Ok, thanks for reporting the issue. With a datastore this size it is likely a Roblox limitation as to the speed we can get the keys. I will continue to look into this and see what can be done.

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I’ve implimented a new update where there is a lot more error handling, before if there was an invalid api key the loading would appear for infinity, however now that there is better error handling if my servers encounter an api error the error data will be passed on to the client. If you notice your datastores still seem to be loading forever it must then be an issue where it is taking too long for Roblox to send us your DataStores.

Error: [object Object]
Welp, not sure what’s happening.

Ok, so essentially this is the error:

0|index  |   {
0|index  |   error: 'RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED',
0|index  |   message: 'Too many requests.',
0|index  |   errorDetails: [
0|index  |     {
0|index  |       errorDetailType: 'DatastoreErrorInfo',
0|index  |       datastoreErrorCode: 'TooManyRequests'
0|index  |     }
0|index  |   ]
0|index  | }

So Roblox is limiting the amount of requests we can make in a certain period of time. I will look into fixing this by slowing down requests if it hits a certain height. I’m not sure offhand what their limits are.

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I fixed the issue where if your number of datastores or entries exceeded 300 lines it would 429 error. Requests to Roblox’s API for List Datastores and List Entries are now limited to 300 requests per minute. However I was testing loading your datastores and I got as far as 7,000 datastores! However due to how long it was taking (7000 / 300 = 23mins) I wasn’t bothered waiting for it to finish. So you Datastores should load if you wait long enough but unfortunatly at the minute it is just a Roblox limitation.

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