Datamodel:SetPlaceId() opens new place instance?

so lately i’ve been working on a plugin that gives easy access to datastorage without the need of anything complicated or alot of testing to see if a data saved successfully.
however everything works perfectly fine except for 1 thing. the “placeId” section.

for some reason once a place Id is entered (due to a check every 3 seconds) a new studio instance opens from that place. i’ve been trying to get it not open up when you enter or even press the getdata/setdata button.

is there any way to avoid studio from opening that instance of the entered place id but still being able to get/set data from different places you have access to?

SetPlaceID is working for me. Are you setting the Place ID to…

  • A game/universe ID
  • A place ID which you don’t own/have access to.

i added error instructions on the plugin (as shown red/green) green means they got access. in this case i setted the placeId to a place i got access to build in. a place you won’t have access in would be displayed like so:

as far i know is that all my code works it just instantly opens the place of the Id if you got access to and closes the one you entered the Id in.

Does this appear when you attempt to SetPlaceID?

the green line you saw appears always when entered a valid place id. its auto updated every 3 seconds. but for some reason IF you got access to the place (as in edit wise) it opens up the place instead of making it able to adjust datastore values in the one you are currently working.