DataPredict [Release 1.17] - General Purpose Machine And Deep Learning Library (Learning AIs, Generative AIs, and more!)

i tried to look att the matrixL code since it was a local function from that module but no luck

You’re not telling me any details that I could use to help you with.

Here is the questions you need to answer:

  • What are you trying to do? Building a model that predicts the outliers?

  • What are your class labels? What is your label matrix size? How many rows and columns are there?

  • What is your feature matrix size? How many rows and columns are there?

sure let me just get those details

Module script:

local Model = {}
local MT = {}
MT.__index = MT

local Datapredict = require(game.ReplicatedStorage["DataPredict  - Release Version 1.14"])

local NeuralNetwork =

	local self = {}
	setmetatable(self, MT)
	self.Datapredict = require(game.ReplicatedStorage["DataPredict  - Release Version 1.14"])
	return self

function MT:Train(featureMatrix, Banned)
	local SVM =, 5, 'RadialBasisFunction')
	SVM:train(featureMatrix, Banned)
	self.Model = SVM

function MT:UpdateChance(dt, chance, increment)
	local value = chance/math.sqrt(dt)
	value += increment
	return value

function MT:PredictIfBanned(Varibles)
	return self.Model:predict(Varibles, Varibles)

return Model

normal Script:

local ACModule = require(game.ReplicatedStorage["Anti-Cheat"])

local Model =

local Feature = {
	{10, 100},
	{40, 70}

local Label = {

Model:Train(Feature, Label)
Model:PredictIfBanned({50, 80})

heres the error: ReplicatedStorage.MatrixL:342: attempt to get length of a number value

Model:PredictIfBanned({50, 80})

Double brackets needed at this line.

i did that. ignore: lets get this to enough length

wait i didnt see the double part. thanks i feel like an idiot

Also, please don’t use strings for your class label. Instead use 1 and -1.

i did that in the debugging part

DataPredict Neural Beta Release!

Hi guys! I am excited to announce that I have released a PyTorch-like Library for Roblox and Pure Lua.

You can have a look here!


Hey guys, I want to let you guys know that I made minor code refactoring to fix some issues for Release 1.16 version of the library. I recommend you to update the library as soon as possible.


Hey guys! I renamed some of the functions in the MatrixL for less verbosity and required some refactoring in the DataPredict library.

It’s not urgent to update the library, but if you find yourself getting errors before updating any libraries, then all you need is to update both of the libraries at the same time.

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Release Version 1.17


  • Refactored RandomNetworkDistillation so that it no longer inherits NeuralNetwork. Please use setModel() function to add neural network model to it. Also added deep copy option for TargetModelParameters and PredictorModelParameters.

  • Regularization no longer need number of data, instead the gradient method models will handle the operations related to it instead.

  • Improved calculations related to calculation of cost function derivatives involving both regularization and optimizers.


  • Made some bug fixing.


  • LongShortTermMemory and RecurrentNeuralNetwork models are removed as these do not work well with the current API.


These changes are for preparing long-term maintenance mode and will no longer receive new updates or features. In other words, this library will soon reach End-Of-Support.

If you want a more advanced deep learning library, you can have a look at DataPredict Neural here.

In the future, LSTM and RNN will be added to the DataPredict Neural library to replace the models that are being removed from the current DataPredict library.


Hello guys! I made some fixes to affinity propagation model and made some changes.

If anyone is using that model, I highly recommend you to replace the current version of Release 1.17 to updated version of Release 1.17 as soon as possible.

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Hey so i just downloaded version 6 because i was very intrigued. However i seem to get this error when starting:

I know im probably missing something so i came to you.

Oh sorry about that! I was just bug hunting and somehow the internal test tools didn’t catch this.

I have pushed the fix to GitHub.

Hello guys! I made some fixes and improvements to all experience replays.

If anyone using any kind of experience replay, I highly recommend you to replace the current version of Release 1.17 to updated version of Release 1.17 as soon as possible.


Hello guys! I made some improvements to the neural networks!

I recommend you guys updating Release 1.17 as soon as possible. Also, this should make the sword-fighting AIs train slightly more faster.

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Hello, thank you so much for making this! This is incredible, and i will definetly use this in my projects.