DataSaving a simple part

I am building a game where its a empty almost infinite base plate, But every 60 seconds minutes a player can place a simple cube part down anywhere on the base plate. Problem is I fairly new to scripting and do not know much about DataSaving. How would one do the following

-Data Save The Parts Location for all servers. (No rotation will be added)

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Well, you can’t save Instances like parts to a datastore so you’ll need to save the positions of the parts and then add new parts to the saved positions when the player joins a new server.

So, you could save a table of all the parts’ positions to a datastore when the player leaves, and when they rejoins simply place a part in every one of the saved positions! :smiley:

I recommend reading this page so you can learn more about datastores. Good luck!


Even more than that, since you can’t save really positions either (specifically the datatype used to assign positions) you need to save the XYZ coordinates of the datatype responsible for positions (whether that’s Vector3 for Position or CFrame for CFrame).

So basically Clone the part where the Position was saved in the Data store