DataService - Easy to use data managment module

Data Service

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This module is inspired by ProfileService!
I don’t say anyone to use this over ProfilesSrvice or DS2!

Hello everybody!
I’ve created a datastore module that is specialized to handle table based data.

For example this module includes:

  • Easy data saving and loading
  • Caching
  • Continuous loading of data with one line
  • A lot of modes for saving and loading

Other projects made by me:

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Documentation is on the github page!
You can install the module from Roblox:

Or dowload it from github:

Please share your ideas and problems in the replies!

Any feedback is appreciated!


There is a major flaw within your module, GetUserIdFromNameAsync is an asynchronous function and it is prone to errors, you aren’t doing anything to protect it from erroring i.e a pcall, though you aren’t 100% guaranteed that the pcall will be successful even after retrying if it fails.

Another flaw is that you’re caching the data before checking if it has loaded or errored:


Calling ViewStore would yield the current thread every time 15 seconds, which is definitely not ideal. Instead you are better off firing a bindable and then waiting for it to be fired.

You aren’t accounting for when a pcall fails nor informing the user the error if your module fails to load/save or wipe data.

Respectfully, I wouldn’t consider this module since it includes many bad practices and is just a simple wrapper which anyone can make in hardly 10-15 minutes.