DataStore across servers

I have a GUI that certain players can edit. There are lots of string values. I need it to automatically datastore when edited, and show up on any other server. But I need it to show globally and not linked to a player. For example: If I set the date on my leaderboard (not on leaderstats) to 23/1/22. I need every other server thats active, or when players join that server to show up. Hope this makes sense.


Complicated, I’ve been trying to achieve this as well, because i’ve seen other people do it.

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All I know is for the saving part, you would do this:

while task.wait(1) do
DataStore:SetAsync(Player, Data)

but you gotta project it to other live servers…

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Or you could just do


This event fires whenever a value is changed.

true, but i recommend putting a wait so it doesn’t break as easily

due to data being extremely fragile.

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I think the only possible way is to upload data to a 3rd party website then download that data onto each server.

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Here, I found this related article, you should check it out! Handling a cross server market using DataStores

Looks so complex. I might just stick with server only for now.

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Yeah I just realized that too lol

but i understand, it’s frustrating when no one replies to your post

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Thanks for your help though 30ad

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I think MessagingService is what you’re after here. There are a few quick tutorials online (one by Alvin) that can help if you’re still a bit unsure.
Be advised though, there is a limit to how many times a server can send and receive data.

I would give you some code for example, but I’m incredibly tired, sorry.

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