Datastore Create plugin



I made a plugin with which you can create a script with one click for datastores and leaderstats.


  • Autosaving
  • You can save multiple values
  • Supports rayvalues,vector3values,brickcolorvalues,color3values
  • Multiple folders
  • Add and remove data from players per plugin
  • Edit datastores
  • Edit script
  • Bindable events
  • Updateasync

How does it works?

Install the plugin:

  • 1: Open the plugin
  • 2: Select in the explorer the value/s that you want to save
  • 3: Click on create datastore (maybe twice)


If you want to create a leaderstats folder and a stats folder then simply make a bool value in the value that you select in the explorer and name it “Leaderstats”.

If the leaderstats value is false then a new folder will be generated with the name datastore and the value will be inserted, else if the value is not false then a noew folder will generated called leaderstats and the value will be inserted

Change Player data

If you click on Change player data a new menu will be opend UserID Datastore name.

(You see your datastores in > edit)

And if you don’t know the userid then click on PN and type the username then click on edit and all data of the player will be showed (if the player have no data saved then a error-message can come).


Convert two datastore scripts into one, this one has each selected values of both.

Editing names

You can esay edit the script in ServerScriptService > MyDataStores > The name of your created datastore


Failed requests in the configuration of a datastorescript determinants on how many failed datastore-requests (GetAsync, SetAsync can error) the player should be kicked.

It’s not the best plugin but I think it can be useful for someone.

They’re also a lot other things here you can get the plugin:


The plugin looks good, some people would definitely find use, but I guess it doesn’t support DataStore2. :laughing:

You won’t always have replies on your topic, some people just like; bookmark; and go.


I will probably use this in the future since im still trying to some what memorize data stores and leaderstats so this is a super cool idea

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I’ve never understood datastores nor how they work or how the scripts even save data. But from the instructions that you have shown from this plugin, i’m suprised on how well put together this plugin must be to just make a datastore for you. I’m probably going to use this later, tysm ;)!


Looks good.

I will try it later!

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Looks very useful, but you could set a constant textsize instead of auto textscaling.
Otherwise, looks very clean!

Seems intresting but i prob will stick with datastoreeditor