DataStore Editor V3

I believe that because it is so helpful and well-made, the developer should charge people for the plugin. Personally, if I were to commit to scripting on Roblox, I’d purchase some robux to spend on this plugin, as it would be worth it.

I do somewhat agree with you though, I think charging it for 100 robux would be more affordable for some. I don’t argue with the dev earning something for his hard work however.


Yea, I guess that makes sense. The reason I say that is because I own a small game studio and don’t have the funds to buy expensive plugins.


150 R$ isn’t that much. It’s less than $2 USD. If a small game studio can’t afford $2, there might be some other budget issues going on. I am charging 150 because I spent hours upon hours building this plugin. For comparison, I only make about $0.37 per purchase. That’s honestly ridiculous and I wish it were more acceptable to charge much more considering the work that went into this.


Hello! I used this plugin frequently and still do every now and then. Was this plugin always paid access? I am asking because I do not remember paying for the plugin but I also somehow have the item owned.

I am a huge supporter of paying for good plugins so I just want to make sure that I’m not somehow cheating the 150 robux payment because i had the plugin before it was paid access.


If you have it for free or the original 15 R$, consider it an early access gift :slight_smile:


Don’t know if you happened to see this since you asked. I made it a few days later. Editing DataStore2 Data with the Updated DataStore Editor Plugin

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Is there a reason why we can’t save numbers as strings?
When you add quotes, EX: “2” - plugin turns it into "“2"” (also it’s not just visual glitch).
Of course, it’s not a big deal because you can just save it as number and format it to the string after you get the data from datastore but I think current functionality was not intended or wanted.


This is really modern! I love it! Haven’t noticed a bug yet!

Datastore 2 was perfect, but this is Perfecter!
Nice job! Love that it no longer takes up the screen!

My only suggestion is to make the window smaller so it can fit in my properties and Load Character widget.
image image


Hey, sleitnick, sorry to bother you. I’ve been a user of DS Editor for almost a year now, and I really loved V3 when it first released because it fixed my only major complaint of DS Editor V2. The issue was that deleting keys would never actually save. This issue was fixed with the first release of V3, but on the latest version, saving DataStores just refuses to save. I was wondering if anything was changed or if there are any tips or advice you could give.

Edit: This is the warning I get when saving the DataStore, it’s the same as V2.

Thank you,

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This looks really cool, but I wouldn’t be comfortable buying it without knowing for sure I would use it and become a dev that produces their own game, but that creates a loophole because I can’t do datastores on my own so it puts me off from wanting to be a full dev, so I’m kind of trapped. Really cool and useful looking plugin though.

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It’s very clean and useful plugin, I would recommend for later usage, since you never know when the price might go up :wink:

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So I’m not sure if this is me messing up but, when I enter my datastore name and then my user id nothing shows up, it just says create data.

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Are you sure you’re inputting the correct name, scope, and key? If you have a snippet of code where the data is being created, feel free to share.

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Uhm, this is the code im using.

StatsInfo = {
	{Name = 'Money', Start = 1000, Max = 50000000000, Type = 'DoubleConstrainedValue'},

Data = game:GetService'DataStoreService':GetDataStore'PlayerData'

	local stats ='Folder', p)
	stats.Name = 'leaderstats'
	for _,v in pairs(StatsInfo) do
		local value =, stats)
		value.Name = v.Name
		if v.Max then
			value.MaxValue = v.Max
		if v.Min then
			value.MinValue = v.Min
		if v.Start then
			value.Value = v.Start
	local data = Data:GetAsync('Save_'..p.userId)
	if data then
		for i,v in pairs(data) do
			if stats:FindFirstChild( then
				stats[].Value = v.value
		print(p.Name.."'s data has been loaded.")

	local ls = p:FindFirstChild'leaderstats'
	if ls then
		local DataToSave = {}
		for i,v in pairs(ls:GetChildren()) do
			table.insert(DataToSave, {name = v.Name, value = v.Value})
			Data:SetAsync('Save_'..p.userId, DataToSave) 
			print(p.Name.."'s data has been saved.")    

game.OnClose = function()

Hey Sleitnick,

I’m developing a large game that’s going to come out soon and was having slight issues with the data that I stored, and I came across your plugin and it helped me fix my issue in seconds! It has the ability to easily work with values, helping in so many aspects from changing bans to editing DataStore errors you commit. I just recently tried it out and it’s great! Personally, for everyone wanting this for free, I feel that the price should be somewhere from R$500 - R$1,000. I think this is amazing! Keep up the great work!

Thank you,
Developer Shadow

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I think this DataStore Editor is revolutionary! I think it’s gonna help a lot of developers out and I also think it will be even better than the original! I’d say you guys did great on this one by looking at the scripts.

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Is there any way to edit the GlobalDataStore with this plugin? I have some data that I don’t need multiple keys for, so I’ve stored them in the GlobalDataStore. However, V3 doesn’t seem to support editing it, while V2 did, so I’m forced to use command line operations instead.

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Just use “global” for the name and scope. When you use GetGlobalDataStore, it’s the same as doing GetDataStore("global").


That doesn’t seem to work, even from the command line.


Am I doing something else wrong?

This is remarkably one of the most useful plugins out there! I can easily make changes and do restores to a player’s data in my games.

For those who may not understand the “Name” and “Scope” textbox:_

Understanding Name, Scope and Key
  • The “Name” is the name of the DataStore.
  • The “Scope” acts as a section of the DataStore.

When you use game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore(name, scope) , this is where the name and scope come from. Insert both into their respective textbox and then Connect.

More information about it can be found here: DataStoreService:GetDataStore (

  • The “Key” is a data’s name from the DataStore.

For example, when you use something like DataStore:GetAsync(key) it requires a string key. Some may use "Player_" .. Player.UserId as the key. So, if you know your key, that is how you know to find it!

More information on DataStore it can be found here: GlobalDataStore (

Basic Rundown

  • Ability to change and save any piece of data (specific restores and wipes).
  • Ability to create data from using the plugin.
  • Support for viewing OrderedDataStore.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • Ability to search specific keys.


  • Data keys are only found when entered manually (makes it harder to know which keys to look for).

Overall this plugin is very useful, deserves to be sold at a higher price.
Highly recommended for RPG developers if you are looking to change a player’s data from Studio, saves much time developing, or if you are a developer in need of changing or restoring a player’s data.