DataStore Editor V3

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DataStore Editor V3 plugin has been released! This is a complete rewrite of V2 from 2017 (which was also a rewrite of V1).

This plugin lets you view and edit data in Roblox DataStores (normal and ordered). Numbers, strings, tables, etc. It also lets you import and export data from a key.

Here’s an overview of the plugin:


Can it edit Datastore 2? or only normal Datastore?

All DataStores use name/scope for connecting. As long as you know the name and scope for your DS2 setup, it should work.

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A lot of stuff is unreadable in light mode


Thanks, I’ll fix that. The colors of the right-side values are tied to the script editor colors btw.

This has been fixed in v3.0.2. I have tested the colors on both light and dark themes and have moved away from using the script editor colors.


Amazing, I used DataStore Editor V2 a years ago and this new version is way better!

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I don’t mind it using script editor colors, that’s kind of cool, but if it did it should use script editor background as well just to be sure
Though it may be easier to just suggest me using darkmode on both, I’ve gotten used to light theme on studio after using it for a decade now

Version 3.0.3 was just pushed. Here’s a list of bug fixes, changes, and improvements since v3.0.0:

Bug fixes:

  • A connection couldn’t be saved if it matched the same name/scope/ordered properties as another saved property with a different game ID.
  • OrderedDataStore property wasn’t populating when loading a connection.
  • Error thrown if connecting to an OrderedDataStore with no data.
  • Strings with escaped symbols were getting very messed up.
  • OrderedDataStores would not update if the name or scope was changed.
  • A weird issue where a return carriage \r was being appended to text boxes.
  • Numeric indices were not sorted properly.


  • When a request to edit a string with newline characters \n is requested, it forces editing within the expanded editor.


  • Better color scheme to ensure visibility on light and dark themes.

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback! Almost all of these items were reported/suggested by users.


Whenever I go to connect to an ordered datastore, the plugin breaks :

Please try to update the plugin again. There was some weird bug on Roblox’s end where updating wasn’t actually updating the plugin.

If you open the plugin and see “v3.0.3” in the bottom-left, you have the latest version. Otherwise, it needs updated. That problem should be fixed in the latest version.

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Looks really interesting! Will have a look at it once I get back home thanks!

It doesn’t work. When I try getting data from datastores with this plugin it keeps saying there’s no data. When I try getting the data through the console it says it does have data. Is this a bug?

I had one other report of this the other day. I am out of town until tomorrow, so I will look into it tomorrow. I’m not sure what is going on. If you can reproduce this issue, please let me know.

If you can help, please let me know the following info:

  1. DataStore name, scope, and key (You can just DM me if you feel uncomfortable sharing this publicly)
  2. The actual data that is in that key (again, DM me if you feel better about that…unless it’s too sensitive, then we can discuss it more abstractly)
  3. If you’re able to retrieve other data in the DataStore with the plugin

I’m using a datastore to store: banned players, the ban length, the ban reasons. I’ve banned myself for testing purposes and when I tried to connect to the datastore it wouldn’t give the data.

  1. BannedPlayers was the name, I had no scope, and the key was my userid (31504923)
  2. The data is a boolean. It should’ve been “true” if I was banned (which was the case).
  3. I tried with other data and other datastores but still wouldn’t work.

I have set the boolean to false in the console and still wouldn’t show that data. Even though the console would print out false.

Thanks for responding.

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Are you ever going to make this free or do you not have any plans too?

Yes, I wish it was free since it seems like a very helpful tool for developers.

I believe that because it is so helpful and well-made, the developer should charge people for the plugin. Personally, if I were to commit to scripting on Roblox, I’d purchase some robux to spend on this plugin, as it would be worth it.

I do somewhat agree with you though, I think charging it for 100 robux would be more affordable for some. I don’t argue with the dev earning something for his hard work however.

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Yea, I guess that makes sense. The reason I say that is because I own a small game studio and don’t have the funds to buy expensive plugins.

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150 R$ isn’t that much. It’s less than $2 USD. If a small game studio can’t afford $2, there might be some other budget issues going on. I am charging 150 because I spent hours upon hours building this plugin. For comparison, I only make about $0.37 per purchase. That’s honestly ridiculous and I wish it were more acceptable to charge much more considering the work that went into this.


Hello! I used this plugin frequently and still do every now and then. Was this plugin always paid access? I am asking because I do not remember paying for the plugin but I also somehow have the item owned.

I am a huge supporter of paying for good plugins so I just want to make sure that I’m not somehow cheating the 150 robux payment because i had the plugin before it was paid access.

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