DataStore Editor V3

I am experiencing the same problem. Changed Ordered Datastore values don’t save, even after clicking the save button.

I can finally edit the data store!


Hi, is our problem already fixed?

Super-dooper helpful! Roblox should have added a feature like this! Good job, You realized Roblox wasn’t gonna make this (i would assume thats how it went down :upside_down_face:), so you made it yourself.

Roblox likes adding stuff similiar to this, but they haven’t added this… :thinking: :thinking: (I hope they do in the future!!

OMG your plugin was soooooo good. I don’t know what you guys thinking. 200 Robux is too cheap for the value. Kudos to you sleitnick!

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Hey @sleitnick, I have encountered an issue when editing values too fast and then tring to delete entire player data will keep the delete button stuck on loading and you are not able to do anything with it (switching keys, datastores doesn’t work) (and I think it’s because the request didn’t succeed I guess?) - I had no errors in output.
I would appreciate if you can take a look on it thanks!

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I am thinking of buying this plugin do you think it’s worth it to pay 200R$ so you don’t have to use 5 lines of code everytime and a nice UI?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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Are there any more reasons to get this plugin?

Could you make the List Keys or Load More button load more than just 1 key?

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could you make the button to open the widget visible when the viewport is hidden?

so button.VisibleWhenViewportHidden = true

would be helpful, cause i want to edit datastore when im in a script,


Will this plugin ever be free?

Suggestion: Add a little tab to quickly get a userId by name. Right now we have to either type that function out in the command bar or search for their username on the website. This would make using the plugin that little bit more convenient and faster!

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I’ve been using Datastore Editor V3.2.6 for years. It works great and saves time. But today I am having a problem exporting a large row of data with several dictionaries inside dictionaries. I think about 10 deep for a total of about 362KB. The data views correctly when I enter the key, but when I click the Export button I get this error:

11:53:47.601 Unable to assign property Source. ProtectedString expected, got string - Edit
11:53:47.601 Stack Begin - Studio
11:53:47.601 Script ‘cloud_701506235.DataStoreEditorPlugin.Plugin.FileIO’, Line 49 - function PromptSaveFile - Studio
11:53:47.601 Script ‘cloud_701506235.DataStoreEditorPlugin.UI.DataContainer’, Line 271 - function OnActivated - Studio
11:53:47.601 Script ‘cloud_701506235.DataStoreEditorPlugin.UI.Button’, Line 82 - Studio
11:53:47.601 Script ‘cloud_701506235.DataStoreEditorPlugin.Vendor.Roact.SingleEventManager’, Line 83 - Studio
11:53:47.602 Stack End - Studio

Is it possible to automatically delete every key in a DataStore? I’ve got too many in a couple of stores to delete one by one.


I like the convenience this plugin offers for changing values in DataStores. It provides an easy way for me to see the data stored within a DataStore as well as easy ways to modify it.
However, I’ve been having an issue where data that I export doesn’t work on import, showing 0 bytes used on import. I tried saving the exported data to a DataStore outside of the plugin, but I got an error saying that the JSON can’t be parsed. I believe the cause of the issue is that the export exports in ANSI encoding, while my data has characters that can’t be encoded by ANSI, such as emojis. (If you’re wondering why, I develop for a joke mining game where some of the ore names contain emojis.)
I can work around this by copying the text from the generated ModuleScript into a file with UTF-8 encoding, in which case the data can be imported fine. It would be nice to not have to do this, though.

could i use this to make an inventory system?

That would be useful, along with a way to view all scopes for a particular store. In my case, this would allow me to view all of the user IDs that have visited my baseplate (which creates their save data). As this plug-in works now, I don’t have a way to see which players have save data, only a way to access their save data, using their user ID as the “scope”.

Hello, Is it possible to add functionality to the plugin so that if us developers are making our own plugin we can be able to open the data on this plugin to view it just as if it were a normal data store.

I just got back into the datastore editor but I’m having trouble changing a nested dictionary.


It won’t let me add a key in the new one but I can still add keys in the old one. I remember it being more intuitive. There’s no insert option for the new thing I added even when I put [] it still does not say insert

Hi! Is there any way to search a certain thing in data store? Like if I want to check if someone has obtained something, how do I find it?