Datastore error: 104: Cannot store Dictionary in data store. Data stores can only accept valid UTF-8 characters

Hello. I’ve encountered an error that keeps saying to me that I use invalid UTF-8 characters. My table:

local ProfileTemplate = {
	LastSeen = 0,
	Cash = 0,
	Cars = {},
	PlotConfig = {
		OwnedSlots = {"Plot2", "Plot3"},
		PlotData = {}
	LastPos =,0,0)

And in plot data I know some of you can suggest I need to deserialize the data and not to save objects, but the saving part is not even done so the plot data is still empty

The error:

(I know this is the wrong category but the Roblox dev forum rank up system is broken)

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Can’t save Vector3 or any other non-primitive. Convert to table

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I’ve now realized too, I’m real stupid I guess