DataStore Model

Hi. I created a simple datastore easy to use. Below is some info about it and link to get it.

  • Create your data list in DataStoreSettings(you will find it)

  • Get/Set/Increment/Update data by using BindableFunctions.

  • Get data in client. (Auto updates with server)

  • You can add event updates in LocalDataHandler. Example: When Money value updates it sends event to update visual currency counter in UI.

  • Change SaveInStudio in DataStoreSettings to not save data in roblox studio.

  • Auto-Saving for data every 75-150 secs


  • This is place where script gets events for getting client data/updating and some other things. Change it to place where you ungrouped this folder. (Standard is ReplicatedStorage)

There’s no ability to update server data via client remotevents etc.

You can use it for free. Add it to your inventory via link and ungroup it.

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