Datastore not working

I have 2 data stores in my game.
When I run: data1:GetAsync(key) i get data from datastore 1,
but when I run data2:GetAsynce(key) i also get data from datastore 1. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Could you provide the code so we can see what your doing incorrectly?

Use ProfileService. Save your player data with ProfileService! (DataStore Module) - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

front page games either use this or DataStore2 but if they use DataStore2 the is usually quite old

Yeah sorry forgot to add that. This is for a monthly and all time donation board. Here:
This isnt the full code but im assuming its whats making the error.

Could you also provide the :GetAsync() part in the code?

ok ok got it alrihgt
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ty for the help lol
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