Datastore Plugin

Hello devforum user,

I have made a small plugin that may help you with your simulator game if your planning on making one.

Before you keep reading please keep in mind that this is made for simulator games and for developers still learning to script or learn datastores Of course you can use this for other games it’s just made for simulators

Alright, so since I have had to stop developing for a while for personal reasons I decided I’d create an asset for you to use before I come back and start developing again!

Why you should use this plugin
You should use this plugin because it will save you the frustration of having to go back and configure errors in your datastore. This plugin is also helpful for users who are still learning datastore and/or scripting. I might add annotations to the script in the future. It will also save you a lot of time if you are watching a tutorial and having to pause every two minutes (Of course watch/read tutorials as they can often help people understand better).

Plugin Link:
Here is the link, Once you have installed the plugin and use it, it will insert a script called DataStore

If you have any problems/errors please let me know. Other than that, thanks for reading my post and have a great day developers!


Can we get some screenshots? and examples?


Yeah sure, sorry for the late reply

This is a really basic datastore, I would recommend to add :BindToClose() as well. It’s a great beginner datastore so people don’t have to write themselves. I would also recommend adding comments for people that don’t understand how it works and are wanting to learn.

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Thank you. Yes I will be adding annotations in the future

I would also add pcalls to prevent errors in your script.

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Alright, thank you I will implement that in a future update

Wow I thought at first that it was just another datastore editor but this is pretty cool.

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Looks really cool especially for the price range. Theres a few problems that other people noted out but other than that great job!

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