Datastore questions

I’ve been looking around the devforum for soloutions to handling large amounts of datastore saving, as i’m making a simulator game and i would like each item to be stored, what is the absoloute best way of making a huge datastore table? instead of instancing a billion values, i’m not sure if it’s possible.

Try an store as little as possible. It’s pretty hard to give you any advice because you haven’t said how you’re currently storing the data.

I’m not storing any data yet, that’s why i asked. Sorry for the confusion, i’m trying to know the best way to save large amounts of data.

Well, as long as you store stuff correctly, chances are you won’t hit the max data limit of 4,000,000 characters per datastore key.

Try to make a queue system, like verify if it’s the right key and add a cooldown to saving keys

DataStore2 may also help you.