DataStore request filling up, even though I have 585 budget requests?

Yes, I am aware of the DataStore limits, my game system has a cooldown for these requests, however, even with a full budget in update async, these warnings appear 50% of the times

Each key can only be updated/overwritten every 6 seconds

I already said I am aware of the datastore limits, and it’s not the same key by the way.

If you see the same key in the output, it’s actually a remove async being called, not an update async

Removeasync is only called when something fails in the data saving function, so in the first place it’s not even the issue

I’ve come up with a solution myself:
Although my current saving system has cooldowns when creating a server, the script will wait for a determined amount of budget, and when that budget is available, create the server.

This will prevent the player from getting kicked because of this and instead just yield with his loading screen (little time) until requests are not filled up

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