Datastore request was added to queue. if request queue fills further requests will be dropped

My issue is that my game’s data is loading very slowly when the server is filled with many players.

I am using datastore2 with OrderedBackups.

You’re likely reaching the DataStore limits for your game, you can check them here:

Under the “Limits” section.

If the case, try to reduce the number of DataStore requests you’re making.

You aren’t doing anything wrong, this happens regardless of how many requests you’re making, and you are using :SetAsync instead of :UpdateAsync. Don’t worry about it. I used to get that error before switching to :UpdateAsync and it did absolutely nothing.

If you’re annoyed though, make a table with all players and if their data is currently saving, if it is, then return the function.

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I used to use DataStore2 (and got the same warning) but soon after learning about ProfileService, all of my projects to date have been using ProfileService. This warning usually occurs when :SetAsync(), :GetAsnyc() or :UpdateAsync() are called too many times within a certain timeframe.

Like @Limited_Unique said, there’s a limit on how often you can use these functions in your game.

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Ahh I see, I have always wanted to switch to profileservice, but my data is stored in branches I believe, is there anyway to migrate data to ps?

I’m sure there’s a tutorial out there somewhere about DataStore2 → ProfileService, but luckily for me I didn’t have a game big enough at the time to where the data being switched over would cause issues.

I haven’t used DataStore2 in over a year now so I can’t really give you an idea on how you would make the switch. The modules function in different ways to my knowledge.

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