DataStore requests will constantly throw HTTP 429 errors, breaking my game

I don’t know how long ago this happened, but I was just informed that something is preventing people from loading into my game. I join and look at the error, and it’s an HTTP 429, a “too many requests” error. Due to the nature of how my game loads data, it produces this error every single time. This has never happened before, and it seems like someone just changed some max value somewhere from reasonable to REALLY low.

This has completely blocked anyone wanting to play my game from playing at all, and I don’t know how I can fix it. Within just 3 back-to-back GetAsync requests, it’s already errored and halted loading.
If anyone has anymore information or any solutions, I would love to hear a reply.


If I’m not mistaken, a 429 error means you’re sending too many DataStore requests.

Any chance you changed the server size or the way your data saving/loading was handled?

No, I’ve done absolutely nothing, I haven’t touched the DataStore script or game size for weeks. This happens even when I join in studio, and in a VIP server.

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If you’ve not changed anything at all, then you may want to take a quick look to ensure you don’t have any remote events or remote functions which perform datastore requests without any server-side throttling, as an exploiter could potentially spam these events as an act of trolling.

There’s a single remote of that nature, the save request. It is in fact server-side throttled, allowing only one request every ~20 seconds.

Have you considered linking a game?

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I was playing my Game Called Player Stats and I saw that my Data was missing, then I rejoined then the Data was there again, so I checked the Developer Console then I an Error

This Bug just Started Happening today before then It was working Fine.

Here is the Error

  • Bad Request
  • Data store Error

This Datastore bug occurs on my game Called Player Stats. The Game Here

This is the Error that is occurring


  • Nvidia Graphics
  • Intel Processor
  • Windows
  • PC

The Bug started to happen today, It was working before then

This Data store Error can Reset Coins and Other Player Data but when you Rejoin it fixes sometimes.
I notice this was happening to my other games not just this Game

We recently noticed when people started launching tickets on our server for data loss complaints, the data isn’t saving at all in 90% of the cases and we did not have any sort of this problem before. Upon further investigation, we came to realize that the issue is happening in a lot of games not just with us. Attached below is the screenshot of what seems to be the error being returned by datastores.

502: API Services rejected request with error. Http 429


This issue has been resolved, it appears Roblox made a mistake and corrected it relatively quickly.